I choose “Dislike” as a title for this post because I strongly dislike the word “hate.” Yet, I find myself going back to “hate.” I hate peas. Seriously. They’re nasty. And “hate” is such a strong word. So I rarely use it. Yet I find myself going back to that word for a very personal reason. I won’t be defining it clearly here, but trust me when I say, it’s a big deal for me.

I hate mean people. I hate rudeness. I hate meanness for the sake of meanness. It’s hard to admit, but some people are just mean. They have no humanity. No compassion. No milk of human kindness. I’ve known that up close. I didn’t deserve it, but I got it. Thankfully, I realized I didn’t have to follow that example.

This knowledge allows me to be a better person. To be a better mother. To be the grandmother I want to be. Not everyone has the ability to recognize the bullshit that’s been shoveled their way and rise above it. I hope I do. Every day.


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