Monthly Archives: January 2016

I was the last girl picked for kickball

Americans have a lot of opinions about the pool of candidates for U.S. president. It’s easy to have a lot of opinions when there are so many people blathering on about how he or she is the right person for the  job. Hardly anyone is saying anything of substance.

I care too much about the process and about the actual election to get too involved in the silly season of early primary posturing. I’m aware of what’s going on because I consume news, and some news outlets really, really want me to know the latest from every campaign. Thank goodness for the mute button on my TV remote.

Through all of it, I can help but wonder if anyone is thinking about the end result. We are electing our PRESIDENT. The man or woman who will represent all of us, all of our interests, all of our priorities to the world. THE WORLD. At a bare minimum, the person we elect should be able to walk, talk and chew gum at the same time. Ideally, the person will be smart – possessing both knowledge and common sense – and personable. The person will understand the importance of tact. Am I the only person who thinks about these things?

The person leading the current media circus and GOP polls is the equivalent of a schoolyard bully. (If you don’t remember the schoolyard bully, chances are you WERE the bully.) The bully is always better than everyone else. The bully is faster, bigger, smarter. The bully has the best toys, the greatest athletic ability, the fastest car. The bully leads by intimidation. People follow the bully out of fear. When picking sides for kickball, that might work. But we’re not choosing a team captain. We’re electing a president.

To those people who think Donald Trump is the best choice for President of the United States, stop fooling yourselves. He is interested only in what is best for him. He is faster, bigger, smarter than the rest of us. He does not care about my life. He does not care about my home, my income or anything else. He is running for bully-in-chief. And as long as he stays in the forefront, the rest of us look like buffoons. We’re better than that.


New year. New look?

So I’m thinking it’s time to dust off my blog. I should probably update the theme and art and colors… It looks kind of boring. As soon as I do all of that, I’ll write something witty or pithy or inspiring.

That was three days ago. Since then, I’ve been flipping through other wordpress layout options. Only the free ones. I’m not gonna go crazy, after all. I’ve scrolled and looked and clicked. Just now realized that I have fallen into a very familiar trap: Spend all of my time preparing and no time actually doing. Hey, I’m 51 years old and this has pretty much been my routine since I was 6.

Screw it. This blog is for me. I’m sure the inspiration will come eventually. In the meantime, I’m going to write. I’m going to write about stuff I’m thinking about. I’m going to write my opinions. (Yes, I know opinions are like assholes.) I’m going to write about my numerous hopes and fears. I’m going to write about important things and about stupid things. It’s an election year, after all.

As for you… Read it. Don’t read it. Want to hear my thoughts on TV shows? Grammar? Travel? Politics? Pizza? They’ll be here. Updated theme and art and colors, or not.