Catching up and shifting gears

The last couple of weeks have been a mixed bag of tears, laughter and massive frustration. The tears and laughter are entirely personal, so I’ll begin with my frustrations, as they are directing my next few posts.

Has the world gone mad? No… not the world. Just Americans. Have Americans gone mad? I think I’m beginning to lose count of the number of mass shootings. Las Vegas, Seattle, Santa Barbara. These were just the ones that made the national news. Thirty people were shot in Chicago – JUST THIS WEEKEND. Four of the victims died. Chicago had 30 shootings the previous weekend, with seven dying from their wounds.

I get that a dude going bonkers on a college campus because he can’t get laid is different than gang violence. What I don’t get is that so many people have so little respect for human life. If you don’t like what someone else is doing or how someone else looks at you or makes you feel, shoot ’em. This, in the greatest country in the world?

I’m frustrated, too, with this brouhaha over Bowe Bergdahl. First of all, if there is criticism to be leveled at our elected officials, I’m all over it. (Especially if the right needs to be criticized.) But why are there so many people blasting tirades all over Facebook about how President Obama should be impeached? I don’t know what happened with Bergdahl or how or why he was held captive. The Commander in Chief of the United States has a responsibility to bring soldiers home.

And then there’s my frustration with the chipmunks tunneling through my yard and garden. Oy vey.

Regarding the tears and laughter… Tears because I lost the alpha female of my kitty pack. Wylene was a member of the family for more than 17-1/2 years. She had been in renal failure for the past six months, and, at the end, her body was just shutting down. She had two strokes in two days and wasn’t eating at all. We chose to have her euthanized. Thankfully we have a kind, conscientious vet who came to our home. A box of her ashes now sits on a shelf with six others we’ve loved and lost.

Before I start to bawl again, let me think about the laughter. I had two terrific days in Orlando with my sister, nephew and brother-in-law. Being able to go was definitely bittersweet – I planned to be at home until Wylene died. The miles and distractions helped my mood immensely. And now it’s time to shift gears. I realize I need to do another post on the Tea Party. Primary season is over, and a lot of money has changed hands to replace a Republican with another Republican. “A house divided…” and all that.I also owe many, many blog posts to charter schools, aka, the destruction of the American public education system. Stay tuned.


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