Tea Party post three: Cross this line…

Just a few years ago, the Democratic Party seemed hell-bent on infighting. They were their own worst enemy. The middle was arguing with the left-of-middle, who was arguing with the left. And nobody wanted to make a stand. Say it’s “my way or the highway.”

Thankfully, the Tea Party came along. Democratic infighting is nothing compared to the battles between the GOP establishment and the Tea Party. I’ve read two articles this week about the battle between the regular conservatives and the uber- conservatives. Apparently Tea Party supporters won’t stop until they’ve stopped ALL progress in Washington.Image

John Boehner is too liberal, apparently. Wow. I can’t believe I typed that. It turns out that the uber-conservatives don’t like that the Speaker of the House has made compromises with Democrats, particularly the President.

And to what end? They passed a record-breaking 57 bills in 2013 – making the 113th Congress the least productive in history! And they tried so hard to get stuff done. Just look at the number of times they voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act! Fifty votes and they still can’t get it done.

Somebody once said – who, is debatable – the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting it to come out differently. 

I hear people talking about getting rid of career politicians for new, better options. Yet the newly elected members of Congress are doing less than the ones they replaced. And all of a sudden, members of the GOP establishment are scrambling to keep their jobs. (The Boehner-haters are back with a vengeance. The future of Tea Party-GOP infighting. The GOP establishment turns a ‘firehose‘ on Virginia Tea Partiers.)

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.” Both factions should consider these words, spoken in 1858 by another Republican.

Abraham Lincoln.


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