Tea Party post two: Who is the Tea Party?

This could take a while.

Whenever I am looking for information on a topic, I first turn to Google.

“who is tea party?”

I review the Wikipedia page, which says “The movement has been called a mix of conservative, libertarian and populist groups.” Scratching my head, I read about Republican libertarians – not the Libertarian Party. They are NOT the same. Still scratching my head.

Not putting much stock in Wikipedia, I go to teaparty.org. The homepage includes pictures of Democrats. Lots of pictures of Democrats. Scratching my head and beginning to draw blood.

Move on to the “about us” page. Here we go! Pictures of Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. (Or as I think of them, three horsemen of the apocalypse. Fourth is Michele Bachmann.)

I encourage you to visit this page. Some of this stuff will blow your mind. Check out the “15 Non-negotiable Core Beliefs.”

I wonder if this is the “real” Tea Party, so… back to Google.

“tea party official website”

Tea Party Patriots. Tea Party Express. Here we go: Official Tea Party of America Web Site. Zero pictures of Democrats or apocalyptical horsemen. Just a huge photo of what I can only assume is a professional wrestler – stage name, Uncle Sam.Image

What about affiliate groups? There’s the National Tea Party Federation. TheTeaParty.net. Patriot Action Network. There’s more, but I’m not giving them any more space here.

Back to my original question: Who is the Tea Party?

Searching again, I find a list of in-depth news and magazine articles from – mostly – 2010. “The 18 percent of Americans who identify themselves as Tea Party supporters tend to be Republican, white, male, married and older than 45.”

I know those people. My husband and I went to high school with them. They scare me.



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