Tea Party post one: Devolution

The Boston Tea Party led to the American Revolution. Today’s Tea Party is leading America toward “devolution.”

The term “devolution” has more than one meaning. In a biological sense, devolution means degeneration. I believe the Tea Party is the primary reason behind the devolution of the Republican party.

I know what you’re thinking… But you’re a Democrat! To be sure, I am liberal. I believe in equal rights for all. I believe in public education. I believe the Affordable Care Act is not only appropriate but necessary. I believe W’s military actions in the Middle East were bullshit. I support the troops and believe the U.S. government does not support them enough.

I refer to devolution as the opposite of evolution. Not evolution as in Darwin, but evolution as a natural process. Water flowing down a hill will erode the dirt and change the topography. (And if you don’t believe that’s a fact, you should really look at my back yard.)

Evolution is natural. Everything evolves. What’s in fashion today is not in fashion tomorrow because our tastes evolve.

Our country has evolved. There was a time when women could not own property. They couldn’t vote. They didn’t make as much money as men in the workplace. Oh… wait. That’s today. So we’re still evolving, and we’ve got a lot of growth still ahead.

That growth can happen only if all of us are looking to the future.

Next: Who is the Tea Party?



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