God’s will, or, Stacy really put her foot in it this time

How do they know it’s God’s will? Any time there is a natural disaster – fire, earthquake, hurricane – somebody will say it’s God’s will. (Don Henley fans: Get the widow on the set.)Image

I always wonder how they know.

And what does it mean, anyway? “God’s will.” I have always assumed it means God meant it to happen that way. And that’s where I get confused. Say you’re talking about two fires. The first fire is in the mountains. It started when lightning struck a tall tree. The second fire is in an apartment building. The tenant on the third floor was frying chicken and accidentally started a grease fire.

Neither fire was arson. Both fires result in loss of property. People die; their homes destroyed. Are both of the fires “God’s will”?

If one equates God and nature, and accepts that lightning in nature causes fires in nature, they could say the first fire is God’s will. What about the second? Was it God’s will that a person live in an apartment building, where someone was frying chicken, which caused a fire and destroyed the building? That’s a lot of “will.”

Saying it’s God’s will assumes intent. God intended the flood, fire, traffic accident, etc., to happen. Really? Why? If all of these things are God’s will, is it God’s will when a woman is raped? When a child is abused? When a drunk driver crosses the center line?

And there are people who will say, “yes.” It was God’s will. I guess that’s one of the reasons I don’t believe in that God. I can’t imagine the omniscient person/being/entity who people refer to on Facebook with comments like, “God is good,” is willing bad things to happen.

So, I guess I don’t understand God’s will – or maybe it’s God’s will that I don’t understand why people think it is.

Maybe the bigger question… What would Jesus do?


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