“Yes, but…”

I’m a so-so Jeopardy player. I’ll admit I understand how to play it more than I have the ridiculous bits of knowledge squirreled away that are required to play it. As a word person, I usually do pretty well in the letter, word, prefix and suffix sort of categories. I even created my own category, entitled, “Yes, but…” I can imagine Alex giving the clues…

Welcome to Jeopardy! In this category, every answer contains the letters b, u, t.

$100: Meddler.

$200: Devils Tower in Wyoming is an example of this type of land form.

$300: When the bone is removed, this cut is called a pork shoulder.

$400: The danaus plexippus, or monarch.

$500: Homage.

The clues aren’t very hard, so this category might have to be played in one of the kids’ tournaments. It was fun to put together, though. And it allowed me to say “but” a whole bunch of times. Heehee.

(answers: buttinsky, butte, Boston butt, butterfly, tribute)


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