Rock-star parking

The parking lot at the Hyde Park Plaza Kroger is awful. Anyone who has ever been there will agree with me. I believe in giving props when appropriate, so I must share today’s experience. It was NOT awful. In fact, it was good. It was so pleasant, I’m dedicating this blog post – number 15 of my 30 posts in 30 days goal – to the experience.

The Kroger at Hyde Park Plaza is a big store, but it’s not huge. The parking lot is an adequate size, but I think the spaces and lanes are smaller than normal. Whatever the cause, navigating the parking lot and parking the car is a challenge. In fact, I don’t like to go there purely because of the parking lot. But… there’s a liquor store inside, so we must make some sacrifices.

I drive the circuitous route required to get to Hyde Park Plaza from my home in Mount Washington and grit my teeth as I turn into the parking lot. I turn left, into the third lane of spaces. I can see there are a couple of spaces a few cars down, so I’m optimistic. Then I see it… Just past the two handicapped spaces… A space… For ME! I take it and dash into the store.

The inside of the store isn’t much better than the parking lot. It’s busy and looks old. (Think Acme #1 in Akron.) But I scoot through the checkout lanes, into the liquor store, pay and exit in record time – even after pausing to tell the cashier I have rock-star parking. Right as I get into my car, the car opposite me pulls out. I pulled through – sighing with relief there are no parking vultures cursing at me – and leave.

Immediately, I looked at the clock. In and out in less than 15 minutes. An experience worth remembering. “I remember that time I found a parking space at Kroger…” Just call me a rock star.

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