Creative juices

Crayons… paper… fabric… yarn… beads… Possibilities! I’m a craft-y person. I sew and knit. In fact, I’m sewing new pillows for my sunroom remodel right now. Part of being crafty is necessity. If you’ve ever looked for a plain blue pillow – just the right shade of blue – you know what I’m talking about. And when you find the perfect pillow, is it the perfect price? So, I tend to make my own.

I love to prowl the aisles of Jo-Ann Fabrics. The Crayola section, the thread display, the hundreds of quilting fabrics draw me like a moth. I touch everything. And I want all of it! I got spoiled by the selection at the Akron-area Jo-Ann stores. Those stores are huge! The nearest store of a decent size is 20-30 minutes from my home. I was in the neighborhood yesterday, so I’m in business now.

Sometimes, like with my sunroom project, my creativity is heading toward a specific purpose. Other times, I just need to know I have the creative resources around me. I told my husband – a man who loves a hardware store – that Jo-Ann is my version of the hardware store. Everywhere I turn, there’s something I need. (Hubby’s definition of hardware store “need”: If I don’t have it, and I want it, that means I need it.)

I’ve found a couple of things on Pinterest, but most of my sewing and art projects come from my head. I’m a very visual thinker. If I can envision how something is supposed to look, I can doodle it out and put it together. That’s how I ended up making pillows, window curtains and shower curtains. That, and being able to sew a straight stitch and a buttonhole.

Writing this, it occurs to me that my sewing machine came from Jo-Ann in Hudson, Ohio. So I guess I should thank Jo-Ann Fabrics for helping keep the creative juices flowing.


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