Have you ever noticed that nobody really has good self-esteem? I mean, sure, some incredibly small percentage of people really feel good about themselves, but besides those people? The people who think they’re all that… not self-esteem. That’s arrogance. Those folks have the best (fill in the blank) money can buy. They’re important – just ask ’em. And they’re busy.

I’m not saying all busy people are arrogant. Obviously not. In fact, I’d say most of those really busy people have fairly low self-esteem. Saying how busy they are, emphasizes their importance. And if you say you’re not busy… ooooh. Are you unsuccessful? Because if you’re not busy, you have lots of time. And only unsuccessful people have lots of time?

I have average self-esteem. I know I’m smart, but what if the next person is smarter? Self-esteem is tied to emotions. I can logically know I’m smart, but I can’t help but feel something different.

I believe self-esteem is a myth, in that we’re supposed to strive for this really positive opinion of ourselves. We are what we are. If we are honest and kind and thoughtful, we should feel positively about ourselves. We shouldn’t believe we are better than anyone else, but we should be ok with who we are. We can CHOOSE to be ok with who we are.


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