What is it with Peeps? They’re sugar covered with sugar. They taste like sugar. They are colored with crazy strong food coloring. I think the white ones may even have food coloring. They’re too white to be natural.

I like them, but I never eat more than a couple from any package. I buy them for my nieces and nephews, though. It’s kind of my signature thing. Aunt Stacy brings Peeps. It’s a lot easier to do it now, since there are only two or three months of the year Peeps aren’t “in season.” I remember, back in the day, when you could only get them at Easter…

At Easter, it makes sense to call them Peeps. Little chickies make a peeping sound, and we know spring is all about baby chicks, bunnies and all kinds of farm animals. It always throws me a bit when I see jack-o-lantern Peeps. Oh, I still eat them, but they’re not real Peeps.


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