What is it about Sundays? They always feel slightly… “off.” Sunday is not a weekday, but it’s not part of the weekend, either. It’s the “pre-week.” Sunday is the day we compare our schedules, grocery shop and check homework – all things that point toward Monday.

I always thought I was alone in my Sunday funk. Turns out, it’s a real thing. From an old New York Times: “It is Sunday afternoon, sometime past 3 o’clock. The weekend hourglass is spilling its treasure. Only Sunday night remains before the Monday-morning blahs – return to the office, school or work. Imperceptibly at first, then unmistakably, there is company. The Sunday blues have dropped by for a visit… It’s the flip side of TGIF…”

The Huffington Post says the Sunday blues are real.

“The phenomenon is a real one – 78 percent of respondents in a recent international poll reported experiencing the so-called ‘Sunday Night Blues.’ And a whopping 47 percent said they get it ‘really bad.’ In the U.S., that number jumps to 59 percent.”

How has Sunday gone from weekend to pre-week? By Wednesday, we’re already primed for the weekend. Some of start our weekends Thursday night. Lots of folks go out or make plans to go out after work Friday. Even though Friday is technically still a work day or school day… it’s FRIDAY! We’re all so excited. TGIF! We begin winding down as soon as the end of the week peeks around the corner.

Saturday is our day of freedom – even if it includes picking up dog food or dry cleaning. It’s the day we go to the park, the car wash and the mall. One week is behind us and the next one is far, far away. Until we wake up Sunday morning.

My pre-week is well on its way.

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