Because today is my son’s and daughter-in-law’s fourth wedding anniversary, I am prompted to write about love. That makes me exactly like 99 percent of all writers in the history of the world. Maybe even 100 percent. After all, everyone knows about love.

Some people know love as a concept; some as a reality. Some believe love is fleeting; others think it lasts a lifetime. Whether it’s for today or forever, we need love in our lives. Love helps us feel like a part of something. Abraham Maslow put love third, after physical needs and safety needs, in his 1943 hierarchy of needs theory. We absolutely need air and water to survive. Consistent access to the same would help us feel safe. So if we have food and a place to sleep, we move on to love? Or do we just need love less than we need food and a place to sleep? That doesn’t sound like much of a life.

Sitting here – right now – in my home office, I am surrounded by things I need, want and love. I have nice, warmed air to breathe. Clean clothes. Windows to keep the insid450px-Maslow's_Hierarchy_of_Needs.svge “in” and the outside “out.” And I can see two of my kitties from where I am sitting. I know I don’t need cats to survive or to feel safe, but they do make me feel loved.

Even though Maslow put physical and safety needs at the bottom – as a foundation – the gist of the pyramid is that we need all of these things to feel whole. I have a difficult time parsing out love versus respect versus morality but that’s the way I’m built. The elements are certainly part of my whole being.

Being a mother to my son is also part of my whole being. I frequently refer to him as the best thing I’ve ever done. My world is better because of him. And our worlds are better because of his wife. I hope love rains down upon them every day, and I wish them thousands of days to share it.


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